ProTek Watch Brand Official Watch of the US Marine Corps

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Saying you’re the official brand of the U.S Marine Corps is a pretty bold statement for anyone to make. It means that whatever you’re making is top of the line. Absolutely dependable, durable, and well damn near indestructible! Think Timex watches back in the day.

Well looks like there’s a new player in town and they’ve got a pretty huge proving ground to live up to.

Time Concepts introduces ProTek, its new brand of tritium tactical watches, from the Former Owner and Founder of Luminox, Barry Cohen. Stemming from the successful history of Luminox, ProTek is designed for a similar core group that includes Law Enforcement, SWAT, Tactical, Military, Special Forces, Fire Fighters, and First Responders. 

The no-excuses brand is “Rugged at Heart ” and built to handle what life demands in any environment, lending credence to the tag line … “All Terrain Watches.”  The brand believes the most important ingredients in being a no-excuses brand is using only top quality components to ensure the final result are superior timepieces, and then to work with a manufacturing facility that supports our pursuit of excellence. 

To this end, all watches are manufactured in a spotless assembly facility that has safeguards in place to ensure excellence in manufacturing quality timepieces, with an air filtration system that cleans the air inside, equivalent to an ISO7 clean-room standard. 

ProTek proudly announces it has been named an Official Watch of the United States Marines Corps. ProTek watches were submitted to the USMC for review and analysis and were approved as an Official Watch of the USMC based on the accuracy, durability and superior ProGlo™ illumination that make these ideal timepieces to serve Marines in the line of duty, and in their daily lives, but are also ideal for anyone living an active outdoor lifestyle. 

Designed in Switzerland, ProTek is an American watch brand, conceived and manufactured with the best quality components available to ensure years of problem-free wear with no issues.  ProTek launches with three series – a Carbon Composite Case dive series (The Carbon Series), a Steel dive series (The Steel Series), and a Titanium field series (The Titanium Series), with straps in genuine rubber or specially treated waterproof leather.

Four other series are in development as well for later release.  

“This is a very exciting launch for us as it brings us back to our roots making watches for some of our toughest heroes, using the same unsurpassed self-powered illumination I pioneered with my former brand, so I’m back in “my lane” so to speak,” said Barry Cohen, Managing Partner of Time Concepts.

“Our brand name defines us with ‘Pro’ meaning made for professionals, and ‘Tek’ signifying our superior self-powered illumination technology. In a bit of a word pun, ProTek watches were conceived and created for those that “protect” us, and since they’re Rugged at Heart, they’re able to withstand the rigors of an active, demanding lifestyle.

We are very proud to have been designated as an Official Watch of the U.S. Marine Corps which seems a great fit since they are among the most elite protectors.”  

The ProTek brand combines superior quality in components used and its manufacturing processes with reasonable pricing in watches ideally suited to the active outdoor enthusiast. The Carbon dive series has a suggested retail of $525, and the Steel dive series and Titanium Field series are both priced at $550, with two models just slightly higher.  

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