I have, on and off been a fan of masculine bracelets long before they became cool. Now we’re seeing a surge in men wearing a variety of bangles.

Years ago Keith Richards was known for wearing them all the time as were numerous other rock stars. Johnny Depp has seemingly brought them back in style as well in the last 12 years with the wild success of the Pirates Of The Caribean films.

alg-coachella-jay-z-beyonce-1-jpgEven the President of the United States has been seen wearing a bracelet on occasion.

In the military we often wore bracelets that signified fallen comrades or engagements survived. Recently disgraced athlete, Lance Armstrong created the Livestrong organization which sold yellow rubber bracelets to show support for research against cancer.

It’s now become a trend we’ve been seeing on the arms of Italian, French, and American editors loitering outside fashion shows for a few seasons now: a stack of mix-and-match bracelets in an unfussy array of colors and materials. Well, the look’s not only for insiders anymore—wearing bracelets just went pop.


“Kanye bought a bunch of our bracelets at Fred Segal before Coachella,” says Ben Burkman of Burkman Bros. “We sold out of them, but don’t worry. We had more made.” Some call them “friendship bracelets” as a nod to teenage summers spent at sleepaway camp; we prefer to think of them as an easy way to co-opt some of the swagger of rock stars and swashbuckling seafarers.

Doesn’t matter if you’re into $300 designer pieces or you just steal your girl’s hairbands—the key is to pile them up until you’ve lost count and wear them till they fall off.

The question was; what do women think about this trend of men and bracelets? Well the answer isn’t looking too good for bracelets. After all, we asked grown women rather than the girls into Twilight and Harry Potter! One of the examples of why now was, “James Bond wouldn’t wear a bracelet!”

We think he would if it held some deeper meaning. Jay-Z wears a bracelet. Well ok his is more of a spiritual thing. But no matter if you feel the need to wear one here are some places where you can get them!

The Bracelets Above From Left to Right

Bottega Veneta
$590, available at bottegaveneta.com.

$210, available at meandrojewelry.com.

David Yurman
$250, available at davidyurman.com.

Burkman Bros
$10, available at burkmanbros.com.

$225, available at tods.com.

American Eagle Outfitters
$8, available at americaneagle.com.

Giles & Brother
$110, available at gilesandbrother.com.

Miansai by Michael Saiger
$105, available at miansai.com.