When it comes to having impeccable style we need to remember that a big part of having great style is not only what you wear, but how we wear it.

One of the things that has always made James Bond so stylish is the fact that the characters were always concerned with how their clothes fit.

And oddly enough everything that Bond wore seemed to be impeccably tailored to suit him. Even his shirts. So as men of style it is important to have ourselves fitted at all times. After all, we wouldn’t want to wear shoes that didn’t fit properly right?

So as a finishing touch to that perfectly fitted suit we’re about to put on for the business meeting or night on the town we mustn’t forget a vital part of the ensemble. Our shirt! It is almost inevitable that the young lady in our company

Manuel Racim is made To Measure Shirts Concept Store based in the infamously artistic Tribeca area of New York City. While you can order from the store or it’s internet presence all of the shirts are made In France, with an expected two-week delivery time, and only superior Italian fabrics are used to make these custom Shirts.

image016The impression of the storefront upon arriving was that of a small intimate space. One of the first things that stand out is the countertop that reminds you of an ornate standing computer desk. Though in this case, there was a touchscreen displaying the Manuel Racim website, where customers can establish and check on their account, through which they can input their measurements for a custom made shirt.

image020The information is stored in the customer’s account, ready to be sent to the ateliers in France, who create the shirt continuing in a hundred year tradition of attentive craftsmanship. Turnaround time is 14 days, and with a range of fabric samples available to choose from in the store, there’s an opportunity to have a number of uniquely distinct shirts created from your recorded measurements.

image017For the spring/summer Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, they had a number of exotic fabrics available for select clients. In a brief conversation I had with a marketing representative of the business, I had an opportunity to get some insight into the desire of the founders to bring to New York City the experience of  bespoke tailoring, with an opportunity to help customers explore their creativity in having something one of a kind.

image010Racim, spoke to us about how he and Manuel started the business:

“Manuel and I are high-school friends. Manuel used to be a retail consultant in Paris, and lived in fashion forward area Le Marais. “I have been in NYC for 7 years. We both used to purchase custom shirt from this shop in Paris. Every year i would come back and buy my shirts around Christmas time because I didnt find anything of my liking in NYC (either not custom which wont fit me or very expensive and old fashion bespoke shirt). After several years we got to know the manufacturer and purchased the shirts directly from him instead of the Parisian shop.”

image013He continued to explain that they thought it would great to use this century-old manufacturer amazing skills in made-to-measure and create a whole new experience for NYers to buy shirts. We wanted to preserve the tradition of careful in-person measurements and proven French craftmanship while infusing elements of modernity in it: having fashion insiders stylist help you design the shirt, be able to save measurement and design shirts in a configurator online and have the process be as speedy and efficient as possible (2 weeks delivery, fast measurements and online reorder). “That is what motivates us…”

So, for those of you looking for a new experience, stop by this custom boutique retailer.