These days it seems that so many males have “evolved” into a softer gentler shadow of what a man used to be.

These days the John McClanes, Cobretties, Martin Rigg’s of the world are frowned upon.

You remember the type of men.

They smoked, drank whisky, destroyed the bad guys and had their way with lots of beautiful women.

Bullet_Pack_without_background1On behalf of real men everywhere we wanted to introduce you to Duke Cannon Supply Co., a brand determined to bring masculinity back to men’s grooming.

Duke Cannon is filling the large gap in men’s grooming left by brands targeting insecure teenage boys, female brands pretending to be “for men”, and über-premium metrosexual brands.

Those left behind: mainstream American males. These are guys who work hard, grill meat and read Luxury Standard.

They want high-quality products that neither embarrass men, nor cost a fortune.

Duke-CannonDuke Cannon is a military tested product, literally. Duke Cannon works with Bravo Company 2-135 to field test its products.

Duke’s products are used and carried in combat. Duke also donates a portion of its proceeds to Honor Flight.

A program that sends veterans to visit their memorials in D.C. at no cost to the heroes. If the Duke meets the requirements of elite U.S. soldiers, it surely does wonders for the everyday man.

More about Duke Cannon:

  • Duke Cannon is available nationwide at more than 500 fine retailers including Urban Outfitters, West Elm Market, Wegmans, Duluth Trading Co., Carhartt and Army and Air Force Exchange Service, among others.
  • Current product lineup: Victory, Accomplishment, Productivity, Naval Supremacy and a Heavy Duty Hand Soap.
  • Its military grade – Made in the U.S.A. and modeled after the “brick” style soap produced for American GIs in the Korean War, made in the same plant that produced the original, field tested by active duty U.S. soldiers.
  • Duke Cannon contributes a portion of their proceeds to Veteran Causes, including Honor Flight—an organization that sends veterans (primarily from WWII) to visit their memorials in Washington D.C. at absolutely no cost to the war heroes.
  • MSRP: $5.00-7.00 USD