It’s not what you thought it means. It’s about sleep, and getting the best sleep possible which for some of us is hard to do with the pillow you may be using. Let’s take a good look at the Sleep With Us pillow and how you could get a deeper more restful night’s sleep with the new ‘ Sleep With Us® Pillow.

SWU Product Image 1600x1200The Problem

SWU Correct Back Support Caption 1280x720Your pillow doesn’t support you properly when you change positions, forcing you to wake up multiple times throughout the night.

The Solution

SWU Correct Side Support Caption 1280x720Only the revolutionary new Sleep With Us® Pillow properly supports you when you change positions, meaning you sleep more deeply throughout the night.

SWU Pillow Inserts Caption 1280x720On your back, the Sleep With Us® Pillow provides gentle and soft support. When you roll to your side, Adaptive Comfort™ inserts give you a higher level of support to properly align your head, neck and spine.

Features & Benefits

  • Soft, Luxurious Comfort: Adaptive Comfort™ inserts are molded into a soft memory foam base for correct and comfortable support as you move throughout the night.
  • Hypoallergenic: Loose fill (down, polyester, buckwheat, or shredded foam) pillows create the perfect home for dust mites and other allergens. Sleep With Us® Pillow is hypoallergenic, easily cleaned, and won’t harbor dust mites.
  • Beautiful Bed: Other pillows made of loose fills sag, easily lose shape, and need fluffing. Our traditional pillow shape and size always looks great in your favorite bedding.

SWU Lifestyle Photo Black Logo 2601x1689Our Take:

I’ve had the ability to use this pillow for the last couple of weeks and I have to say; it’s one of and likely the best pillow I’ve used to date. The Sleep With Us® Pillow construction is solid and designed to accommodate you no matter how you sleep.

I tend to sleep on my side and I find the built in panels to provide my neck and spine. One of the biggest issues for me had often been waking up with neck pain from not having enough support from the pillows I was using.

That problem seems to have been resolved here.

I’ve also used the pillow by itself, as well as on top of one of my other pillows as well, and no matter how I do it I actually get great sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

As a person who’s always had a problem getting and staying asleep the Sleep With Us® Pillow is dream come true.