Times are fiscally tough for college students, between high unemployment rates and overwhelming student loans. There are a few people, however, who are looking to make the lives of college students just a little bit easier, and have taken to YouTube to show exactly how they’re doing it.

The good folks at the Stuart Edge YouTube channel decided to improve the lives of college students through an act called “reverse pickpocketing.”

Reverse pickpocketing is exactly what the name suggests; rather than stealing someone’s money, these guys take unsuspecting college students’ wallets and place $100 bills in them.

The results are just what you need to feel a little better about humanity. From helping parents who are continuing their education to people struggling with paying rent, these random acts of kindness are clever as hell and helpful to those in need.

You have to tip your hat to these guys for finding an entertaining way to help people!

H/T: Yahoo News, Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube