With Neronote you choose, interact, learn and create! This is the process that gives birth to your perfect shirt par excellence, manufactured in Italy with your measures and with your personality.

Once you’ve designed it you can edit and reorder it many times in the future, with just a click.

neronote-fastlanemag009This way you don’t have to go to many stores looking for the shirt that “looks like” the one you’ve always desidered. And you don’t have to start again your research when it’s time to replace the old shirt.

Once you place the order, the shirt will be manufactured only for you, and shipped to your domicile within three weeks.

Neronote offers a huge choice: 150 pre-designed and customizable shirts which have been subdivided into different collections, styles and occasions of use, 2.000 of the best fabrics in the world, 20 billion possible different combinations.

neronote-fastlanemag010Since 2011 Neronote has been shipping thousands of shirts to five continents, and can be now considered the Italian leader of the customizable and made to measure clothing.

At the Italian Web Award 2012 Neronote was rewarded as “Best E-commerce of the year“; it was one of the finalists of the Premio WWW de Il Sole 24 Ore Award, and has been selected by Universities and organizations becoming a case of national excellence for the digital innovation into the textile chain.

The neronote shirt

Neronote shirts are entirely made in Italy with the care and experience of those who have been making shirts for over a century.

Neronote combines the quality of the Made in Italy concept with the new technologies adopted throughout the production process. This enables us to offer the highest possible level of customer service.

Personalizable and tailor-made

The proposed models are fully modifiable and are made especially for you, according to your personal taste and measurements. You are free to choose from a wide variety of fabrics and details.


Neronote has selected some of the world’s most prestigious fabric manufacturers so as to offer you a wide assortment, ranging from classic fabrics to the most fashionable and trendy.

All the fabrics offered by Neronote are certified by Oeko-Tex®, an association responsible for ensuring safety, in terms of human and ecological requirements regarding textile articles throughout the entire production process.


The standard size shirts are based on the average size of European male body types. In order to receive a perfect fit shirt we strongly recommend you to create and enter your very own measurements profile and have your shirt made-to-measure (at no extra cost).

Neronote adds an extra button to the bottom of every shirt to provide an impeccable and precise look. Particularly useful for robust physiques.

neronote-fastlanemag002Distinctive features

The constituent parts of the shirts help to make every Neronote shirt unique in terms of quality and value. This translates, for instance, into the care with which the pocket motifs are aligned so as to maintain perfect stylistic consistency.

Neronote only uses the very best mother-of-pearl buttons.

To make every Neronote shirt perfect, the seams also have eight stitches per centimetre. Both the base of the armhole and the side are of English style workmanship (by applying a double-lapped seam), resulting in durable stitching and a crease-free seam.

The finishing of the border at the bottom of the shirt is carried out with a height of 5 mm, a characteristic of the best quality tailored shirts. The superior quality of the shirts is highlighted by the extractable collar sticks, made of materials that ensure smoothness without creating folds or creases.

Neronote has decided also to provide the shirt with another detail of style: in order to conform the production to the highest standards the last buttonhole of all the shirts Neronote is horizontal.

Fabric shrinkage

All fabrics used to make shirts tend to shrink slightly after the first 7 / 8 washes. This is taken into account during the making of your shirt, which will give the impression of a slightly looser, comfortable fit when new.

All Neronote shirts come complete with spare buttons and sticks. If necessary, Neronote is also able to supply spare collars, to be sent or to be applied directly to the shirts.


The prices of Neronote shirts depend entirely on the quality of the fabrics used. The services which include the made-to-measure option, application of an embroidered monogram, or choice of styling from the various options available, do not incur any additional costs.

The direct sale to worldwide end users allows us to eliminate distribution costs and therefore to maintain our prices between 30 – 50% lower than similar quality shirts sold in conventional high street shops.

The savings are even greater in the event of made-to-measure shirts.