Lucid Audio’s revolutionary patent pending AMPED™ headphones, neckbands, and ear buds let you have it all.  State of the art sound on the inside AND amplified ambient sound from the outside.

Lucid Audio’s Genius of the AND Control Center allows you to adjust for all of life’s listening opportunities whether you want to block out the world, amplify it, or something in-between.

Lucid Audio’s Amped™ products let you adapt your device for comfort, security and maximum enjoyment.

That’s the Genius of AMPED.  No more trade-offs, only AND. Now you hear more of what you want when you want.

Product Name: Lucid AMPED™ Bluetooth Neckband Lucid Technology brings full range clarity to every listening experience.

Lucid’ Audio’s AMPED™ Bluetooth neckband includes innovative technology allowing the users to hear more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

It’s the Genius of AMPED and AND.  No more trade-offs, you control what you want to hear and what you don’t for each situation.
Our AND Control Center provides the user control between volume of the ambient sound and wireless Bluetooth feed allowing user to hear more of what you what and less of what you don’t.
With Lucid’s advanced technology, users can customize their listening experience to hear the most important sounds without missing a beat, keeping safe and tuned in during fitness, travel, recreation and other activities.

All while enjoying crystal clear sound.

Available products include: neckbands, headphones, streamers and custom fit ear buds available at


One of the biggest issues I typically have with wearing headphones or earbuds when outside or at the gym is the isolation. We’ve all seen the movie or TV show where the jogger gets dragged into the van they didn’t hear coming up behind them!

Well all my training has taught me to always be aware of your surroundings. Lucid Neckband allows you to do just that.

At first it was a bit odd listening to my music but hearing other ambient noises around me. At first I thought there was something wrong with my music or how I’d put the earbuds in. (There’s something to be said for reading instructions.)

Now we’re not talking about intrusive but certain noises resonate very clearly. Like the opening or closing of doors. Cars passing too close. Horns, sirens etc.

Lucid Audio hit it out of the park with this one as far as I’m concerned. Check out the product features below.

I found they kind of undersold the battery life. I found the 10 hour battery time to be incorrect in that I consistently got a little over eleven hours of listening time out of it.

The worse thing for me was that my inner ears became a bit raw from the earbuds, but I think that’s more a me thing that it is anything wrong with the Lucid Earbuds.

Overall I have to say that I absolutely love these and have purchased a few for friends and family for stocking stuffers.

Retractable Ear buds

Low Latency Bluetooth

NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) 24 dB

Sound Activated Compression (SAC) – Utilizing a SAC circuit the AMPED™ Bluetooth Neckband instantly shuts down loud harmful noises from construction work, monster truck rallies, concerts, and sporting events while also amplifying regular conversational sounds up to 9 times the amplification.

Powered by Rechargeable battery for 10 hours of normal use.

Hi Gain omni-directional microphones for clear sound enhancement on both the left and right sides: The high gain omni-directional microphones provide clear sound enhancement for enjoyable conversations on your phone or with someone while running or working out.

HD speakers/drivers in the ear buds for wide range audio quality

Multiple earbud tip styles/sizes included

Auto-Shut Off (low power mode) after 4 to 6 hours of use. Timer resets and unit wakes after any button is pressed.

AC wall adapter and USB charging cable included

Black Rubberized & White/Gray color options
Price: $129