Norell New York, has partnered with Baccarat to produce a limited edition Parfum. Baccarat only produced 500 bottles handmade at their factory in France, and they are the most gorgeous things you have ever seen.

NORELL BACCARAT PERFUME - STRING_smallerThe Baccarat Parfum is priced at $1,500 available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and would be great for a gift guide or any gold/crystal product round-ups. (If you’re looking for anything a little more price friendly there is also the brand’s signature Eu de Parfum for $150)


Norman Norell and his renowned aesthetic translated the mystique of the French Couture salons to the showrooms of Seventh Avenue—revolutionizing American ready-to-wear with an elegant, feminine look that is still emulated today. For decades, fashion insiders recognized the power of his iconic style that combines American ease with understated glamour. With Norell New York, we celebrate the next generation of American style setters with the reinvention of a timeless classic that is rooted in luxury.

The Parfum

NORELL BACCARAT PERFUME -EMPTY OPEN_smallerIn celebration of the launch of Norell New York, 500 hand-crafted bottles were created by the internationally acclaimed French crystal house, Baccarat, as a luxurious limited-edition Parfum (1.7 FL.OZ.). Here, Norell’s essence of refined elegance and sophistication is captured in both the opulence of the crystal as well as the pure ingredients of the scent. Among the craftsmen is Michel Barge, who is an “Elite Craftsman of France,” adding to the rarity of each unique piece which will retail for $1500.


The iconic fragrance has been re-mastered and modernized for today’s sensibility. With the pure quality of its ingredients and its exquisite blend of notes, Norell New York leads us to rediscover the artistry and craftsmanship of perfume. Drawing on the legacy of Norman Norell, this modern green floral opens with a lush radiance that exudes a playful effervescence with an airy floral bouquet and a sensual finish. In fact, each bottle of Norell New York contains over 200 Jasmine petals and one of the most noble and expensive ingredients, Orris Butter. Whether it’s an olfactory classic or you’re discovering the scent for the first time, Norell New York makes you feel like “Each Time is the First Time.”

Baccarat-white RGBTHE NOTES


Galbanum, Bergamot, Pear and Mandarin

An exhilarating blend of watery infused Galbanum wrapped in juicy nuances.


Jasmine Petals, Peony, Orchid, Gardenia

A captivating bouquet lead by exquisite white flowers opens the heart.


Orris Butter, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

An extravagant finish with a sensuous and alluring dry down.

CATEGORY: Green Floral | PERFUMER: Celine Barel