Need A Way To Track How Active You Are? Ducere Technologies Has an Answer!

We live in a seemingly overly connected world. With that, an Indian tech firm named Ducere Technologies has come up with a new kind of smart wearable which is meant for your feet.

Lechal, meaning “take me along” in Hindi, is a smart shoe – or rather smart vibrating insole – which is capable of interfacing with smartphones via Bluetooth number of applications – for runners, for the visually or audibly impaired, the elderly and also car drivers.

shoes-playfulLechal’s use of haptic technology allows you to interact with your feet in a whole new way.

You can control and command your new Lechal footwear with simple foot movements or gestures.

In turn, your footwear will communicate with you via vibratory responses


The concept of community is embedded in Lechal’s DNA. You can share your fitness goals and milestones, create group journeys with friends, let the world know about new routes you’ve discovered, and be a part of the Lechal Initiative with your purchase.

shoe-workoutLechal footwear allows you maintain a log of all your activity.

Set goals, track your progress and keep your eye on your targets as you move forward with Lechal.

But you be the judge on if you think this is some cool stuff or not! We think it’s great.