You will not have a shortage of storage space with the Ogio Chamber Cart Bag. This visually-appealing cart bag comes with all the accessories needed to make your game distraction- free, leaving you free to focus on your stellar game.

The above statement is no joke.

There are so many pockets that I was left scratching my head wondering WTF would I do with all of them.

chamber_charcoalThe Ogio Chamber Cart Bag is like the Swiss Army Knife of golf bags.

Of particular note are the sectional Silencer Club protection membrane that first off keeps your clubs from banging into one another causing untold amounts of damage as well as making a lot of clattering noise.

chamber_topIt also keeps down the number of clubs you’re carrying around with at any given moment down to a minimum.

The zipperless front pocket for your balls is pretty cool but I don’t think it’s a great idea to put a lot of balls in there, as I think it would be too easy for them to fall out.

But it is a really cool idea.

chamber_techvaultAnd lest we not forget the protected zipper pocket where you can put your cell phone wallet glasses or other items which may need protecting from damage while on the course.

This bag also comes with a torque strap that makes carrying your bag comfortable and easy.

There are also a few hand holds for lifting or moving your bag as well as the obligatory handle in front of the bag.

A couple of  things I questioned initially, and that was the plastic bottom of the back and the diameter of the bag’s bottom.

But then remember this is a cart bag and not meant to be left around the course as your typical bag.

All in all I think that any golfer would gain benefit from this bag.

It’s a great entry level bag and great for the pro’s as well, and at a $310.00 price tag makes a great gift for all those you know who are looking to get into golfing! OGIO’s Chamber Golf Bag get’s a green light from us.

Check out the features below as well as the


  • 14-way Diamond performance cart top with advanced Silencer Club protection membrane
  • Translucent Silencer base
  • ZBP (Zipperless Ball pocket)
  • Easy-access divot and pencil sleeve pockets
  • Custom ergonomic three-point handle
  • Weather-resistant, fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Torq Strap
  • Cart Strap channel
  • RPP (Red Protection Pocket) crush-resistant molded EVA armored pocket