We’ve all seen the gear that the clever blokes in Q Branch provides for James Bond and thought how cool to have a tool for just about every situation. Hell even McGyver didn’t have it so good.

Well now we do and no it’s not that Swiss Army Knife that TSA is likely to confiscate prior to boarding!

Caffeine Labs announced the release of the Pocket Monkey, the most innovative utility tool to hit the market since the Swiss army knife. Pocket Monkey is a revolutionary pocket utility tool that weighs only one ounce and fits easily into a credit card slot in a wallet, purse or pocket.

This durable and versatile tool is constructed of hardened stainless steel and serves a variety of everyday and specialty functions – perfect for impromptu projects around the home, in the office or on-the-go. pocketMonkey_readyForProduction_530It is the functional gadget that even MacGyver would love!

Pocket Monkey, a Kickstarter sensation (it raised $27,550), is the brainchild of Boston-based entrepreneur and inventor Nate Barr.

The Pocket Monkey is 12 tools in one:

• Bottle Opener: No need to carry around a bulky, keychain bottle opener.

• Phone Kickstand: Interact with only one hand and keep your phone at a comfortable working angle.

• Flat head screwdriver: Perfect for simple projects when a standard screwdriver isn’t available.

• Micro-flathead screwdriver: Perfect for eyeglasses, watches, kids’ toys and keyless vehicle dongles.

• Two-dimensional Phillips head screwdriver: No need for cross beam with the special angled tip.

• Nested English hex wrenches with four bolt sizes: Just slide Pocket Monkey over a bolt head and slide until you find the right size. Quick and easy.

• English Ruler: What’s the difference between 3/16 and 1/4 of an inch? Find out quickly.

• Letter opener: Make quick work of your mail pile!

• Edge to open door latches: Locked your keys inside your house? If the deadbolt’s not in place, this latch slip opens locked doors without protective edging or specialty latches.

• Straight Edge: Use Pocket Monkey to help you draw a perfect straight line. Or, it can even be used a scraper.

• Orange peeler and banana nicker: Get your fruit open quickly and conveniently, without getting your fingernails messy.

The Pocket Monkey retails for a surprisingly low $12, and is available online at www.caffeinatelabs.com.

With so many versatile functions, the Pocket Monkey is the must-have accessory for all men, women, travelers, techies and gadget geeks.

No wallet or purse should be without Pocket Monkey. The innovative all-in-one tool received a boost and global buzz when they launched their product on Kickstarter. Now, everyone is going ape for the Pocket Monkey!