According to a recent survey conducted by smartphone protection provider, Protect Your Bubble, 48% of people use their smartphone while working out.

However, corporate employees doing mid-day workouts at their company gym are most likely to damage their phone since they’re multi-tasking job duties while exercising.

This trend may grow, especially as new technology continues to make itself available.
cellphones-at-the-gym“While workplace wellness programs are available and can be beneficial to employees, the pressures of their job duties almost always force them to multi-task especially when working out over a lunch break,” said Protect Your Bubble insurance expert Stacy Vogler.

  • 24% of employees in corporate environments take advantage of wellness programs according to a recent Gallup study.
  • Employers are encouraging their employees to exercise before, after and some times even during work hours.
  • Many corporate entities have even built fitness centers on site.
  • Responding to work-related emails takes a higher level of concentration than it does to respond to friends or family.
  • That heightened importance can cause people to drop their phones during a workout.
  • Lastly, worrying about email on your phone takes away from the effectiveness of your workout.

Based on insurance claims, Protect Your Bubble is aware of a growing number of instances where people have damaged their smartphones during their mid-day fitness routines.

Whether they accidentally step on them in between sets of lifting weights or the devices malfunction due to sweat being trapped inside the moisture sensor, damage is a real threat.