eBikes seem to be popping up all over the place. A variety of cities are also adopting eBike rentals as a means of transportation.

Bosch; certainly isn’t going to miss out on the action. In fact they invented a battery specifically for the eBikes they also build.

I had the opportunity to test one of the new bikes recently when they brought them over to my house and I was amazed.

mtb2The bikes are designed to assist the rider traverse hills and more difficult terrain with a greater level of ease. It turns out that my community is great for eBike testing.

We happen to have a lot of hills and steep inclines which was a great way to test the bike I got to ride.

Going up the steepest hill was easier than walking up the hill actually. sfThat’s saying something about this hill which is about a quarter of a mile and so steep that by the time I walk to the top I’m a sweaty out of breath mess and that’s saying something.

The racing bike I rode ate it up and begged for more. In turbo mode the bike has no problem doing all of the heavy lifting for you.

mtb1Whether trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting: The sporty Performance Line drive is the perfect choice for ambitious riders.

Benefit from a finely balanced system that delivers maximum performance for a sporty riding style.

The quality of the drive has been officially recognised. The Performance Line has already won a Red Dot Design Award.

sf2Here are some technical specs about the bike.

The Bosch eBike system:

  • Provides a pedal-assist experience
  • Consists of a drive unit (motor and transmission), a battery and a smart and intuitive cycle computer.
  • A control unit on the handle allows you to increase and decrease the level of power assist from its lightest level, “eco,” to “tour,” “sport” and “turbo.”


eBikes epowered by Bosch available in the following styles, ladies step through, urban commuter and eMTB bike.

I wasn’t sure about the whole eBike thing until I rode the Bosch bike and it a made me into a convert for sure