We’ve all seen those movies, and television shows with the suave and debonair spy who’s swaggart makes women swoon and his enemies cower in fear has to get from point A to point B without being detected.

You know what we’re talking about; spies like James Bond, Ethan Hunt and his Impossible Missions Force.

Let’s face it, getting through airports and engaging in any manner of travel undetected is becoming more and more difficult. Long gone are the days where all you needed was a trench coat, Stetson hat, a pair of dark sunglasses and well honed skills as an observer. 007-SPECTRE-2015-empeliculados.co_Plus you lack the expert training that CIA NOC agents receive.

Fret no more! Your spy training begins here! We’ve got the gadgets and gear that will have you traversing the globe (or your city) undetected by big brother’s surveillance gear!

Before we proceed however the Eagles are forcing us to let you know, if you or any members of your group of friends try this, don’t call us for bail money! You will be immediately disavowed.

Fingerprint Gel

The Japanese government counter-terrorism practice of fingerprinting foreigners who enter the country may have inspired Doctor Tsutomu Matsumoto to invent “fingerprinting gels”, a way of faking fingerprints for scanners. Learn how to make your own here.

slide_249574_1503187_freeWhite Noise Generator

Worried someone around you is secretly recording everything you do? No fear! There’s a relatively low-tech way to defeat such snoops, via white-noise-producing audio jammers.
These tiny devices use good ol’ white noise to blur the sound picked up by hidden microphones and other surreptitious recording devices.


MIT’s Technology Review calls it the newest, hottest Thanksgiving accessory — but you can use phone-size “Faraday cages” like this (sold byuncommongoods) to block your cellphone’s call signal, WiFi and GPS. Handy now that federal courts are ruling that cops can track suspects via cellphone sans warrant, and Apple can remotely disable your phone camera with a click.
As security researcher Jacob Appelbaum said in an interview with N+1 back in April, “Cell phones are tracking devices that make phone calls.” So shouldn’t you be prepared for when you don’twant to be tracked?

slide_249574_1499661_freeLED-Lined Hat

Hidden cameras got you down? Blind them all with a simple baseball cap lined with infrared LEDs. Amie, a hacker on WonderHowTo, shows the world how to make one, while this German art exhibition lays out how these ingenious devices work.
Though it occurs to us that this kind of makes you stand out and even more trackable who are we right, but it could be useful when visiting your mistress.

slide_249574_1499515_freeBug Detector

These receivers reveal the telltale electronic crackle of hidden mics and cameras. Strangely enough, they were around long before “surveillance culture” became a common phrase. Today they’re sold in all sorts of shops for surveillance paranoids.

slide_249574_1499571_freeCamera Map

Sometimes hiding your face isn’t enough; sometimes you don’t want to be seen at all. For those days, there’s camera maps. The NYC Surveillance Camera Project is currently working to document the location of and working status of every security camera in New York City.
This project has been replicated by others in Boston,Chicago and Bloomington, Indiana. Notbored.org has even published a guide to making your own surveillance camera maps (here).

slide_249574_1499523_freeDazzle Camouflage

Credit to artist Adam Harvey for this one. Inspired by the “dazzle camouflage” used on submarines and warships during World War I, he designed a series of face paint principles meant to fool the facial recognition schemas of security cameras. Check out The Perilous Glamour of Life Under Surveillance for some tips on designing your own camera-fooling face paint.

slide_249574_1499544_freeThrowaway Cellphone

Walmart may be the premier symbol of corporate America, but its disposable cellphone selection can help you start a thoroughly maverick lifestyle.
Extremely popular with drug dealers, terrorists, and intrepid spies, $10 TracFones work on most major networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon, and come with minutes prepaid so you can dispose of the devices when you’re done.

slide_249574_1499556_freeRFID-Blocking Wallet

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are now regularly implanted in passports, ID cards, credit cards and travel papers.
These tiny chips make machine-reading your documents easier — but could also let anyone with the right type of scanner scrape your information and track your whereabouts.
Luckily, gadget geeks have come to the rescue again, this time with RFID-blocking wallets. Working on the same principle as the “phonekerchief”, these wallets create a Faraday cage around your items, keeping their data secure until you take them out to be scanned where they’re supposed to be scanned.
Destroying the chip is simpler: just nuke it in the microwave for five seconds. Of course, whatever you’re microwaving might burst into flames first…
So now you’re prepared to avoid the prying eyes of the man, corporate spies and your wife. Just don’t tell em we told you.