8 Unexpected Ways to Express Personal Style With Accessories

Dressing well and having style are two entirely separate things. Anyone can be dressed well in tailored attire made from high-end materials, but that doesn’t mean their ensemble exudes a sense of personal style. But add a few unique accessories and suddenly that same outfit can express different aspects of your personality.

From head to toe, there are countless accessories that can be added to an outfit or even a uniform to make it a reflection of your unique style. Establish your aesthetic identity and showcase it for all to see with these nine unexpected accessories.

Nails That Show Attention to Detail

Perfectly groomed nails tell the world that your attention to detail is on point. Even guys are giving their digits more attention these days. The styling, color and shape all say a lot about your personal style. Trendsetters aren’t afraid to try edgy options like squared off tips or even a piercing. If timeless elegance is more your thing the classic buff and shine may be your go-to choice.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have the funds to get their nails professionally manicured every other week, but there is another option for the ladies and adventurous gents. Getting precise details on your nails doesn’t require a trip to the salon when you use high-end artificial press-ons from companies like Dashing Diva. For about $1 per nail, you can get a salon-worthy look in minutes.

Suitcases That Exemplify the Style of Jet Setters

When your suitcase comes round the carousel, does it stand out in any way or look like all the other black rectangles? Even subtle accents like a colorful tag or chromed out wheels gives a sense of your travel style. Carry-ons in particular are often just as fashion forward as they are functional.

Untraditional Hair Ties

Now that long locks and man buns are in style hair ties are getting a major upgrade from a simple elastic band. It’s a small accessory that can add major impact simply because it’s unexpected. Guys and girls that pull their locks back with a spiraled plastic elastic or colored leather band gives others more insight into their personality than someone with a standard hair tie.

Ornate Keychains

You know we live in a style conscious world when there are endless ways to accessories a keychain. You can jazz up your keys with fun fur monster keychain from Fendi or go sophisticated with a leather and metal keychain from your auto dealer. The selection all depends on your personal style.

Stylish Socks That Make a Statement

Although socks are sometimes rarely seen, you’ll want they do give a certain impression when they do get noticed. One of the biggest men’s fashion trends for Spring 2017 is pairing mid-calf socks with shorts. Instead of opting for basic white or black pick a pair of socks with a print that embodies your personal style. Even people who typically shy away from prints can pull off a unique look around the ankles.

Shoe Laces That Are as Stylish as Your Shoes

There are two ways shoelaces can showcase personal style: the design of the shoelaces themselves and how you lace them. A pair of fluorescent shoelaces shows you aren’t afraid to stand out even if your sneakers are plain Jane. Show off your unconventional creativity by tying shoelaces in a bushwalk, checkerboard or hidden knot style.

Hat Flair: Accessories For a Staple Accessory

Donning a hat says a lot about your personal style, but you can go a step further with additional accessories for your favorite accessory. The options include:

  • Hat bands
  • Hat feathers
  • Hat pins
  • Hat patches

Use hat accessories one at a time or combine them to create a unique style that’s all your own.

Decorative Buttons

The buttons that come on most shirts and jackets aren’t typically meant to stand out, but it’s a missed opportunity for showing off your style. As long as you can find something in the same size, buttons are fairly easy to replace. The color and design of buttons are top considerations, but don’t forget about material. That alone could help your buttons make a personal statement.